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For second year in row. I'm so happy and proud over all my puppy buyer.

They has done this possible for me again.  You have been so good to showing your dogs and grooming them so well. You have got up early morning and have driven many mils. We have laughed and cried at times, but we've always been there for each other. Good fellowship is so important and valuable. I'm so so proud over all of you. Thanks also to all Milington’s  TT in Finland and Germany also. Keep going well 2015.
Not only that. We have the best breed dog SE UCH Milington's undercover 2014.
Best breeding bitch SE UCH SE V-11 Milington's Capricorn & Second Best breeding bitch 2014
SE UCH Cun-Wa- Namba Jati .We also have 6 Milington’s dogs on the top 10 list 4 males and 2 bitches and more good result.

3 rd. SE UCH Milington’s Undercover owner: Carina Hansson & Jose Arruego
5 th. Milington’s Gaspar El Guapo owner: Mona-Lisa Johansson  
8 th SE & NO UCh RLND, RLDF Milington’s Hechicero De La Noche  owner: Susanne Fhyr 
10 th  Milington’s Halcon Poderoso   Owner: Anette Nurmi  (club competition on TTS Sweden 11 place)

11 th Milington’s Halcon De Los CielosOwner:  C Hansson & S Josefsson  (  club competition on TTS Sweden 10 th )
16 th Milington’s Izaro El Astuto owner: Susanne Fhyr
20 th  NORD UCh NORD V-08 Milington’s O’Mally owner:  Patricia Brennerfors

Second best veteran:
 NORD UCh NORD V-08 Milington’s O’Mally
owner:  Patricia Brennerfors

2:nd C.I.B & Nord UCh SE VV-14 Milington’s  Showgirl  To Scapegrace 
Kajsa Andreasson  
6th Milington’s Isabell La Guapa  Carina Hansson & Jose Arruego

13 th SE & NO UCh Milington’s Dolce Amica   Linda Kristiansen
 25 th Milington’s Issy La Encantadora R Johansson & C Hansson

TOP Winning veteran C.I.B & Nord UCh SE VV-14 Milington’s Showgirl To Scapegrace  Kajsa Andreasson  

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